What we offer

Our strongest selling point to potential customers is our humble yet 
tenacious nature which sets us apart from others in the industry. This 
way of doing business and life allows us to provide reduced lead times, 
a high quality end product, and exceptional customer service.


Custom Projects/Work
TDG is always interested in being a part of the innovation process. If 
you are in need of any help developing new ideas, prototyping, and 
working on other custom projects, contact us today. Our customers become 
our family as we truly enjoy being a part of it all and helping them 
succeed in any way we can.

Equipment on Site
Waterjet w/ 5’x10’ table (able to machine any material up to 9” thick)
-CNC Lathe turning w/ live tooling (3” bar feed production turning/6” 
diam. max turning)
-CNC Mill (max 24”x48”)
-Manual Lathe
-Manual Mill
-Welding (all materials)


2019 Chevy Productions